sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Nacido para batallar

The season they pass
But the dream doesn't die

When they break your heart
And when they called you soft
In the morn remember what I said
Boy you was Battle Born
(But you can't stop now)

You was Battle Born

When the night falls on the land
Are you haunted by the sound?

Come on show your face
Come on give us one more spark
So we'll start a fire
Unless we fall into the dark

(No, you can't stop now)

You never know
If you never learn
You never shine
If you never burn
The rising tide
The undertow
The venom and
The overflow
You turn away
Welcome home.

Ahora no podes parar. Este sos vos. Chico, pase lo que pase, a la mañana acordate, fuiste nacido para batallar.

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